G6-12 VA Exhibition Opening Ceremony  | 中学视觉艺术展:1800秒只是一个开始

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On December 8, the opening ceremony of the Grades 6-12 Visual Arts Exhibition titled, “In Your Face,” was held to great cheers. A great turn out consisting of students, parents, teachers, and staff members gathered to celebrate the creativity and works of the talented young artists. And indeed, creativity was the word of the day, with a wide range of works based on the units Metamorphosis (Grade 9), Protest (Grade 10), Whatever You Want (Grade 11), and Independent Guided Study (Grade 12) on display. Some of the highlighted subject matter dealt with very heavy, yet real and prevalent issues, including bullying, racism, animal rights, as well as protecting and preserving the environment.

Attendees were afforded the opportunity to speak with the artists, who stood by their art pieces, and learn more about the origins of their work. Each young creative also prepared an “Artist’s Statement” to accompany their piece that explains their motivations, inspirations, and how they achieved their desired effect. Grade 10 student Carol stated, “I decided to focus on the underlying issue of school bullying, which might lead to a diagnosis of a person having a mental problem, such as melancholia or schizophrenia, and even suicide. That’s why I wanted my artwork to clearly show the importance of preventing school bullying.” Amanda, another Grade 10 student, mentioned, “I called my piece ‘Fur-iousness’ because I chose to protest products made from animals after learning it is not necessary to kill animals for clothes, bags, nail polishes, and cosmetic products.”


Today’s visual arts exhibition was a great celebration of the ingenuity and creativity of our student community. Tackling very important matters, the students created works that were poignant and truly in your face.

一走进北京乐成国际学校(BCIS)中学部的大门,大家就可以看到大厅里矗立着许多画架。即日起,9至12年级视觉艺术展正式开展。学生们作品的主题十分多元化,但都可以看出日常生活给了他们不少的创作灵感。此前因为《战狼2》热映而备受关注的吴京也因被道德绑架而进行再次捐款,这样一个新闻热点给了10年级学生Rachel WANG创作的灵感。在她的作品中,正中央是一个形似火焰的人,当你仔细观察时会发现这个人的心是空的。以这个人为中心向四周延展出去,色彩也由红色变为深蓝色或深绿色。Rachel将那些站在道德至高点去批评他人的人以贴纸的形式放在冷色调的背景上,可以清楚地看到这些人都在面向中间的那一位“无心人”,之所以无心是因为他所做的事情或所在的处境不被人理解,这也是Rachel精心设计的一个点。

一部电影可以引发一个青年的创作灵感,一个社会问题同样也会引发艺术家的思考用艺术的形式来表达自己内心的想法。Vanessa ZHAO将空气污染作为自己作品的主题,并在画架中用一个示意牌将主题直接明了的写出来,这样参观者可以第一时间抓住到核心意思,将注意力更多地放在一些细节上。比如当你走进观察时就会发现,作品上表示受到污染的灰色空气是用报纸攅成的,再把颜料涂在报纸上,褶皱部分还依稀可见一些关于环境报道的新闻内容。整幅作品的颜色变化也十分明显,上半部皆是以黑、灰为主来突出“脏”这个主题,而下半部的色彩则明亮许多,以贴纸的形式来展现不同的城市和地理环境皆被脏空气所笼罩,对比十分强烈。