【Motion Analysis】女idol的性挑逗你take吗?

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Motion Analysis

TH regrets the rise of sexually provocative female celebrities and icons (e.g. Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus).




sexually provocative: female celebrities wear over-exposed clothes as a way to flaunt body shape, to help media hype and commerial speculation.


rise: the appearance of sexually provocative female on social media is increasing rapidly as a new trend for female celebrities and icons, which has become a norm.



Nowadays, the feminism movement is boosting(such as “#HeforShe”and “#MeToo”),and relating-stuffs are sensitive topics, which should be concerned carefully. Both sides agree to boost the feminism movement, but how to best protect the right of female and break the stereotype, (both in family and workplace: such as the typical full-time housewives is praised while career women are being criticized most time; or some specific areas where women have little access to enter, like political field or higher positions in the company), whether the sexually provocative action is good for the movement are the cases. Gov believes that sexually provocative appearance is the materialization for female which will enlarge the misunderstanding and discrimination and will not boost the movement.




1. It is the objectification to female.


The performance celebrities give and the clothes they wear are over-exposed, which cater for the male’s visual command and imagination to a sexy, tempting and attractive female and create a target for them to psycholagny(意淫). To be sexually provocative, they will be more likely judged and complemented by their sexy level    rather than their ability in singing, dancing or performing. However, it is these basic abilities of their own that could make them become the real artists and celebrities for a long period. As time goes by and the phenomenon becomes trendy, they will be consumed and remembered as a product for meeting the visual demand rather than an artist because they are tagged and labelled.(such as Kim Kardashian is famous for her scandals and bosoms)Thus they will not receive respect and understanding as they have expected but only deepen the bias.

2. It could be misinterpreted as the self-degradation.


Some specific groups such as anti-feminisists, for example, will exaggerate the fact and claim that the celebrities are sluts and unclean female because they want to let the public see how wonderful their almost-naked bodies are, which as a result will make the celebrities receive discrimination and bias.



1. for the non-feminists

They will unilaterally think and treat feminism as merely the exposure of body, which will make them misunderstand the real meaning of feminism. However, the real meaning of feminism is never the exposure but the equality state of women and eliminate sexual discrimination. What’s more, some of the Non-feminists will support feminism because of the exposure, but these people are not the allies the feminists are looking for because they don’t really respect female.

2. for the feminists

The behavior will harm feminism movement. The aim of feminism is to achieve equality and break stereotypes. The best way to achieve this goal is to let more people understand the real meaning and support the movement. However, the behavior celebrities have is conveying the wrong information of feminism(exposure) and, because it is too radical and extreme, the public will feel that this behavior shows the attitude and value of forcing them to accept and support feminism and are treating them as enemies to conquer rather than potential friends to corporate with, which as a result could not only consolidate the stereotype but aggravate the inequality. 


1. This behavior will boost feminism movement rather than block it.


Sex liberation is one of the most important part of feminism, because it challenges the tradition and stereotype in a physical way, a quite transparent and obvious way and promotes spiritual liberation. Now the action they are taking is a signal of sex liberation, because the behavior suggests that women have the power to meet their own demand. It is their right to wear any kind of clothes they like and nobody could require or forbid them to wear sth; It is their right to perform as they want as long as the performance does not infringe the law or the basic rules in our society. The action is an appeal for all suffering females  to know that they could do whatever they want and let go of the stereotypes, which as a result will boost the feminism movement.

With the visual impact and bold attempt of the celebrities rather than merely aggressive and radical slogans on the street, feminists are seeking for a better way to let people know about feminism. Because people will be inspired and will raise curiosity to pay more attention on feminism and are more willing to search what exactly feminism means, which as a result, could promote better understanding rather than bring bias.

➡(ex.Jennifer Lawrence wears an exposed dress at a ceremony. When being scolded, she claims that it is her personal choice and right which no one has the right to interfere. Even if she is misinterpreted, so what? What she is trying to convey is that she is not afraid of the misinterpretation, which could not defeat her at all. And she will stick to this value because she knows that when she firstly does this, she will inspire more people to break the stereotype, and to make their own choice. )

2. It is a groundless worry to say that it is the objectification to female.

Because it is not their provocative behaviors that make the celebrities famous, but their own strength (such as the beautiful voice and strong laugh of Ariana Grande). The provocative is just for the stage effect and incite the atmosphere which is not the most important part of the whole performance.

3. It is a need-oriented production.

Our culture is open and tolerable, more and more art forms are being accepted universally,  such as the naked models and action arts, so our perspectives to appreciate beauty in our life should transform with the development of the era. We could even say that the sexually provocative behavior could also be regarded as a part of new art form, and our acceptance represents our openness and culture tolerance, which could encourage more creative work in this field.   

Now that the market has a new demand to see sexual provocative actions, and the fact is that the agents or company behind celebrities treat benefits as priority, so there is no obligation for producers to stop or prevent the actions which could make the celebrities more famous and make them earn more money. Since the scenario is not severe enough and it hasn’t hurt the celebrities and feminists so far, the economy should be put as the priority.




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