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Dear Fam,



Vegetarian Association is recruiting new members! As you may concern, what did we do in 2017?


2017 is a year to be thankful for. In the spring semester, we


在公益嘉年华和校庆嘉年华上,DIY纯素甜品为番茄计划爱心众筹;让留守儿童享受优质音乐教育 | 番茄计划公益众筹 (最新消息是,我们的众筹款已经用于支持番茄计划在2018年寒假赴广西苗族自治县融水中学的冬令营!)

made DIY vegan desserts to raise money for Project “Tamato Hahaha” in the two carnival subjected on charity and the school founding anniversary. The money we raised has been used to support a winter camp in Rongshui Middle School, Miao Autonomous County in the winter of 2018!


We succeeded holding “Night on Zijing Playground", providing healthy vegan desserts with all our heart in the summer breeze and spent an unforgettable night, dreaming about the future alongwith the movie ”Little Forest”;


We played on the swing, counting stars in “Grandmom’s villa”;


We did orienteering in “Fevering Planet” event, doing public welfare and making friends at the same time.



Since the autumn semester, the backbone members of the association have been exchanging ideas on all aspects including organization, goals and principles in our regular meeting every fortnight.


After a semester of discussion and practice, we confirmed that our goals are:



To create opportunities for students and teachers interested in vegetarianism to communicate with each other;



To promote open, informed debate on topics related to veganism;



To propose a vegan stall in the canteen.

为了了解新成员对协会的期待,促进相互交流,百团大战后的迎新会凭借开放式野餐拉开了序幕。我们围坐在深秋的情人坡,饕餮之余畅所欲言,描绘协会未来的种种可能。迎新野餐 | 带上故事和酒来赴约!

For knowing of the expectations from the new members and better mutual communication, a picnic was taken after the recruitment. We sat on the slope of the lovers in the late autumn and spoke freely on the building of the association.


In the Double Ninth Festival, we planned to DIY Peach-Shaped Mantou in Tian Chu Miao Xiang restaurant, and go to East Community to share an afternoon with old people with the Mantou and our blessing (DIY session not realized due to unfortunate time planning, the Mantou was made by the restaurant).

世界素食日和圣诞节,我们两度受到TsinghuaShuo邀请,参与到Global Cuisine和Global Fair两场派对中,为参与者带来纯素美食和美食背后的故事;没人喜欢伤痛,但没人不爱美食

On World Vegetarian Day and Christmas, we were invited by TsinghuaShuo to participate in Global Cuisine event and Global Fair party, bringing delicious food and the story behind them for participants.


In 11.12 Boys' Festival, girls organized a movie watching activity on "Eat Drink Man Woman II: Joyful Reunion".

我受社团部邀请在会长沙龙上分享素协的团建经验,这是对我们工作的莫大肯定。会长沙龙总结 | 团队建设经验交流

Additionally, I was invited to the Chairman Salon to share the experience of the team building, which is an acknowledgement to our work.


推动素食主义相关议题讨论方面,我们也做出了尝试。为了保障充分的信息支持,在毕达哥拉斯读书会的基础上,我们成立了理论部。《深层素食主义》读书会和《玉子》观影会(在放映后,我们特别设置了从电影情节出发的辩论环节,让所有观影者参与到讨论中来),都旨在引发对素食主义背后本质的伦理问题的探究。毕达哥拉斯读书会 第三期 | 素食主义与食物伦理学《玉子》放映会 | 为动物而拍,奉俊昊的第一部爱情电影

We have also made an attempt to promote the debate on topics related to veganism. In order to ensure the debate is well informed, we set up a theory departmenton on the basis of the Pythagoras Reading Club. The Deep Vegetarianism reading club and the"Okja" movie watching (after the movie, we set up a debate inspired by the movie plot, and let all the viewers participate in the discussion), are all aimed at triggering the exploration of the essential ethical issues behind veganism.


In 2018, we have already invited professor Wang Jinghui from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures to give us a lecture. She studies Coetzee (Nobelprize winner, and a vegetarian) and will explain to us Coechez's views on colonialism and vegetarianism.



To our pride, in all the activities referred above, we obeyed such a principle, which is also the core content discussed in the six regular meetings of this semester, that is:

to fully listen to the members' ideas; 

to share members’ personalized understanding of vegetarianism; 

bring sincere and equal exchanges and mutual communication with other youth cultural groups;

to believe that positive action brings about changes.


Because we believe in that promotion of veganism is a category that promotes social justice, we also attach importance to the principle in our work. Based on such principle, we advocate harmless and sustainable plant-based diet choices. We also practice these principle during the organization of activities (in the two parties this semester, to more than 50 participants, we provided only non-disposable tableware). 



The goal of proposing a vegan stall in the canteen has not been achieved yet, but we are on the frontline of the campaign all the time. We successfully promote vegan stall as one of the main topics on the  Reception Day in the Spring Semester. On the Reception Day, Vice President Wang Xiqin highly affirmed the proposal from the aspects of solving the problems of vegetarians' survival and the development of the university. 



On December 15, I took part in the open office hour of Vice President Ji Junmin on "Campus Catering Safeguards" and introduced the process of our vegan stall proposal. I pointed out that it is very important to protect the rights to survival and health of vegetarian groups in school. To be more humane, more international, Tsinghua should respect the cultural choices of vegetarian groups. For Tsinghua, setting up a vegan stall is a signal advocating the promotion of plant-based diet - as President Ji introduced, Tsinghua consumes 16 tons of vegetables and 7.5 tons of meat on average everyday. Compared with the suggestion of consuming 300-500g of vegetables and 80-150g of meat (40-75g each for poultry and aquatic products), the proportion of plant-based diet is relatively low.



Good news is... As a result of continued positive communication between Vegatarian Association and the catering center, vegan stall has entered the preparatory phase and is expected to be set up in this semester!



In 2018, we will still act on the frontline of the campaign. If you want to be the change, join us!


Please fill in the registration form and join the group chat for information about welcome event and interview.

If the code is not valid, add Zou as a friend(his Wechat ID: Logic_Z).